郑州财经技师学院规划与建筑方案设计The Planning & construction Design of ZhengZhou Finance College

——“教、研、产”一体的现代化校园"Teaching,research, production" the integration of modern campus

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    Along with the accelerating urbanization process, education industry and the corresponding incubators as catalyst, the regional development plays important role in the future. New ones government hopes that by building a "teaching and research, production,". Make the local from the papermaking, mining and other production-oriented economic structure into a more sustainable development mode.


    ▽ 鸟瞰图,birdview


    规划沿用了河南特有“寨卜昌”古村民居的院落概念。规划分为5大组团,通过集约开发与线性规划,使不同的功能分区有效整合 。

    Education is a kind of inheritance, the program used a special "village BuChang" henan ancient concept of villagers in the compound. Planning is divided into five groups, through intensive development and linear programming, make different functional partition effective integration.


    ▽ 总平面图,site plan



    Throughout the site at the heart of the north-south axis, together with the library, administrative center, auditorium, wind and rain playground, ecological trails and "picked" the theme of the landscape. To the left of the site and use status of terrain will be "a 6 d" alternative arrangement,  has plenty of experimental fields and research facilities, meet the comprehensive demand of different departments, and with an open stance provides platform for cooperation between higher vocational colleges.


    ▽ 功能形式,Functional form

     中央景观轴利用 “谷地”的坡度进行优化,结合生态屋面进行设计,与项目所处的山峦起伏的地理环境相呼应,是形象展示、文化交流、立体交通的共同舞台。将成为中部最大的生态试验区,光伏电池板、雨水收集、中水回收系统、碳综合试验区置于其中,为创造一个环境优美、可持续发展的园区提供保障。

    The central landscape axis using gradient optimization of "valley", combined with the ecological roof design, and project mountainous geographical environment photograph echo, image display, cultural exchange, three-dimensional traffic common stage., rainwater collection, gray water recycling system, comprehensive experimental zone in which the carbon to create a beautiful environment, the sustainable development of the park.


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    The central library combining administrative center, through the parameterized energy saving design, with good natural ventilation and lighting, to achieve LEED platinum certification. The facade texture is permeated with rich local color.


    ▽ 透视图,The  perspective





    Construction adopts double line design, "linear bridge" series sky lobby, learning, life can be efficient conversion. At the same time of protection against the bitter cold heat, in order to best Angle around the campus. "Linear bridge" as a facade of active yuan, rich in the level of the whole campus.


    ▽ 中庭鸟瞰图,The atrium bird 's-eye view



    Not only line bridge series all functional areas, and ramps and steps of the combination of the three-dimensional traffic throughout the building

     ▽ 透视图,The perspective




    All the students can reach the activity field the most convenient. Ecological landscape extends to the roof, roof will provide more communication space of life.


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    Near miss secret road for the development of industrial park has plenty of experimental fields and research facilities, meet the comprehensive demand of different departments, and with an open stance provides platform for cooperation between higher vocational colleges.


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    郑州财经技师学院是未来新密发展的一个关键点,一个互动、生态、创新、可持续发展的郑州财经才可以培养出更多优秀人才。将创意变为动力,再进一步推至 “教、研、产”一体的城市新尺度。

    Zhengzhou technician institute of finance and economics is a key point in the development of new ones in the future, an interactive, ecology, innovation and sustainable development of zhengzhou finance can cultivate more talents. Turning ideas into power and then push to "teaching and research, production," the integration of urban new scale.


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    项目名称: 郑州财经技师学院规划与建筑方案设计

    项目类型: 学校
    项目规模: 254359 M2
    项目位置 : 河南  新密
    规划团队: BLUETEAM
    参与者: 庞博  彭涛 刘林祥 张瑞 程太祥 赵源 罗燚 刘洪君 李唐涛 程太祥


    Name of project: The Planning & construction Design of ZhengZhou Finance College
    Type:  School
    Size: 254359M2
    Location : HENAN  XINMI 
    Planning Leader: BLUETEAM

    Project Label/项目标签


    Design/设计: BlueTeam

    Location/位置:河南 HENAN

    Type/类型:学校 SCHOOL

    Label/标签 :教研产三位一体


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